Invitation to a reading.

Dear Prime Minister,

Every year on the June long weekend in WA, Denmark Arts hosts the Denmark Festival of Voice. It is a long weekend of music and poetry where international, national, local and community performers, music makers, and enthusiastic audience members enjoy a weekend immersed in music and poetry, in the beautiful coastal town of Denmark on the edge of the karri forest.

I have been invited to prepare a spoken work to be performed over the weekend. Volunteers will take turns to read out loud every one of the letters I have written to you since July 2016. Approximately 300 letters, taking about 10 hours, many containing the words of the refugees and asylum seekers themselves. You are warmly invited to attend. I suggest you book your accommodation early, as the festival attracts visitors from far and wide. I look forward to seeing you in Denmark, 2-5 June, 2017.