Illegal deportation

Dear Prime Minister,

Why does Australia continue to argue that the refugees on Manus Island are subject only to PNG decision-making? The Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs clearly stated that it is Australia who is liable for the safety of asylum seekers in PNG and Nauru. As is concluded in an article critical of Australia's attempts to deport the injured Azzam el Cheikh:

Australia cannot evade its responsibilities by tricky manipulation of international borders or contractual terms. Australia is calling the shots and Australia must adhere to the most fundamental moral obligation to treat sick people with dignity. Instead, however, it has ordered the deportation of a seriously ill man with no concern for his health or Australia’s legal obligations toward him. In doing so, it is complicit in cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and likely breaching obligations under international law to ensure deportations do not give rise to a risk of persecution or torture.