Mothers' Day

Dear Prime Minister,

These words were written by a refugee who is stranded in Indonesia. How would you advise him?

(Unsaid words to my Mother)
Dear Mother,
I want to confess that I’m liar, you trained me to never say lie to anyone but I did. while I was in Detention Centre (I.D.C) I was living like a prisoner but I lied to you that I am free, when I was looking to the rain drops and I was interested to touch that rain drops from behind the cage of my room in detention centre, I lied to you, which I hate the rain.
My Mother, right now I am not in that prison instead I am in a wider prison which is called Indonesia.
Even when I told you that my process got done after waiting for many years, I lied as well
On that time. after that time the UNHCR authorities just desponded us frequently.
My mother still you think that I spend my moments happily here, but sometimes I get out just for your sake and make smiled face photos, though nothing is interesting here and everything is frustrating.
I feel hopeless from every side. I can see the oldness and stress on the faces of my friends, even those who are in their young ages.
Maybe we are sentenced to the gradual death.
My kind mother, we are not more than forgotten humans here in green hell.
My mother, all these pains are not equal to the pain of being far away from family.
Every day I am living in yearn to see again your faces.
I have no idea that will we see each other or not? I am afraid and afraid of that there won’t be any reunion.
My kind mother forgive me for all those lies that I have told you in these years.
Whatever I do is just to make you not worry,
even I lie to yourself.
I love you Mom