Australia to provoke violence between asylum seekers and Manussians

Dear Prime Minister

What is the cost of offshore detention in: money spent so far, trauma caused to employees of DIBP and contracted businesses who work in offshore detention, trauma caused to asylum seekers, damage done to Australia's standing, damage done to Australia, Nauru and PNG's democratic systems, damage done to the people of Manus and Nauru, future costs?

Australia is continuing to violate human rights in Manus. Immigration is telling people that their plan is to remove those people who were interviewed for America to East Lorengau camp which is close to Lorengau town. Also they want to move people with negative refugee status to Mike compound, and the other refugees with positive refugee status but who are not yet interviewed for America to Delta and Oscar compounds. Closing Fox compound completely is part of the plan too. In the past few days the Deputy Commissioner of the Australian Border Force was visiting Manus and the facilities. The Australian government wants to implement this policy in spite of the serious resistance from local people who are strongly against the decision to take more people into their community. Mr Ronny Knight, the Manusian MP, has already warned both the Australian and PNG governments that local people won’t accept this decision. In addition, the refugees are asking for freedom in a safe place, and it seems the Australian government is trying to trick people for political reasons, telling them and the media that they will close the prison and it will not be true. They cannot solve the problem by sending people to Lorengau town. Also it is unavoidable that the refugees will resist and the government knows that well. I’m sure they will threaten people to accept this decision. We should wait to know more. But it appears again that there is not any law for protecting the refugees and there is not any justice.
— Behrouz Boochani

Bring them here.