Close the camps Bring them here. #294

Dear Prime Minister,

The St Vincent de Paul Society has demanded that Australia brings the more than 800 asylum seekers on Manus Island to Australia now. The Society lists a number of reasons why there is no other option, including that Australia is about to end funding to medical support on Manus Island yet many of the men who will be forced to stay there have major health issues caused by their four years in detention. It is not an option for them to return to their countries of origin where they will face persecution or harm. The Society also points out that the promised deal with US is moving very slowly and it is unclear how many, if any, men will be accepted by the US.

Bringing them here would be a popular decision, Mr Turnbull. An Australia Institute poll shows that 72% of respondents support having asylum seekers in offshore detention brought here.

Close the camps, bring them here.