Listen to MD Imran.

Dear Prime Minister,

The flood of leaked documents from IHMS and Broadspectrum continues. It is incredible that Minister Dutton and Department Chief Pezzullo are still in employment. Eventually, the legal system will catch up with them. But it is more important that the voices in detention are heard. This is the first part of an article written by MD Imran, a young man on Manus Island.

Somewhere in our hearts we had a hope that we would be moved to safety by the end of October this year when this prison Manus RPC Concentration Camp would be closed down, however these hopes were dashed when another devastating announcement was made on 15th May on a Monday afternoon by PNG immigration, which has ruined the lives of refugees and asylum seekers once again.
According to the announcement, PNG, with Australia’s support, will close the centre on 31 October 2017. There are many key messages.
Foxtrot compound will be the first compound to close, starting with N block on 28th May but by the 30th of June the whole Foxtrot compound will be evacuated and the area will be locked. No one will be permitted to enter and electricity will be turned off from each compound.

Close the camps. Bring them here.