MD Imran writes from Manus

Dear Prime Minister,

What are the supposed options for the men on Manus?

Choices for refugees are:
Refugees can move to accommodation in the PNG community.
Refugees can temporarily relocate to the East Lorengau Refugee Transit Centre.
Return home voluntarily, with reintegration assistance.
Refugees can move to a third country where they have the right to reside.
Options for the non-refugees:
They can return home voluntarily, with reintegration assistance.
They will be moved from PNG by the Government of PNG, without any reintegration assistance.
They can temporarily move to Mike compound.
In coming months, other compounds will also be closed and demolished.
The statement was read to us by PNG immigration officials and even though it wasn’t a game, it felt like they were play acting. It was very easy for them to bring some papers and read them out loud, but such an announcement will completely demolish our lives and leave us in limbo, with nothing. Most of us had no idea what they were saying as there were no interpreters for any community, neither was there anyone from the Australian immigration department. None of us slept the following night as everything is going to be destroyed again.