MD Imran's experience of ongoing harassment

Dear Prime Minister,

And then there is the arbitrary and continual changing of rules:

Not long ago, Australian security guards and PNG police officers used to search our rooms every two or three months. We were moved from our rooms at 6am and placed in the heat of the sun until the search was over. We were escorted by Wilson security guards to use the toilet, the door of which we were not allowed to lock. Our belongings were stolen or confiscated because someone just thought that it was contraband, when in fact it was not. There is no way to describe the real torture we have suffered in this environment.
We still remember how they made us suffer when they first opened the doors after the PNG Supreme Court found the camp was illegal. We were allowed to go to the Transit centre and stay overnight with our friends who had moved there. But they changed the rules regularly without notice and left us on the street. We were allowed to enter the Transit centre in the morning, where we left our bags in our friends’ rooms while went to the local market to buy food so that we could cook a decent meal. When we returned in the afternoon, we were denied entry. Others who came back later in the evening couldn’t return to the prison centre because there was no bus after 6pm. They spent all night on the street in front of the Transit centre. On one occasion, I was refused the use of the toilet. The locals who work there do what they are told on the radio and we can never question someone who is in charge. If we ask questions, we are put in prison straight away. This is life on Manus Island.