MD Imran's future has no security

Dear Prime Minister,

What will happen after the Manus RPC is closed and the locals lose their jobs?

It is anticipated that more violence will take place in the coming months, as thousands of locals who work here will lose their jobs. They have been working in this environment for almost four years and they have got the taste of money and their lifestyle has changed dramatically. Everything will be gone from their lives overnight and they will have to go back to their previous lives. They will be left with nothing again. Just think for a moment how desperate they will be and what will happen to their families. Furthermore, they don’t want us here if they are not making money from us.
Our prison centre will be closed down by 31st October 2017, yet the war on us will become even more extreme and problematic. We don’t know how many years we are going to be kept in the Transit Centre. We don’t know what will happen with the USA process if we are forced to move to other places in PNG. Why are the 70 refugees who agreed to settle in PNG still in the Transit Centre without any hope of resettlement? We know nothing about our future after four years.