Loghman Sawari

Dear Prime Minister,

I am scared
I am not safe here.
I fled my country to find safety and a safe area, but the Australian Government sent me to an unsafe area.
A few days ago some local guys attacked me. They threw rocks at me, hit me and punched me. They left me in the street.
With swelling in my legs and pain in my body I went to the hospital. A doctor saw me but did not treat or help me.
I went to Immigration and told them what had happened. No one gave me any support. They said it was my problem because I was an illegal man and I had escaped PNG for Fiji.
I had gone to Fiji because I wanted to find a safe place. In my opinion, if I do not do something for myself, no one can change my situation. For that reason I abandoned PNG.
When I was caught in Fiji and sent back to PNG, they sent me to the court but the court did not charge me. The court could find no reason to charge me. The court released me but Immigration put me into a worse situation .
I am worried that they will make an example of me for the other asylum seekers.
Australians: What did I do wrong? Where can I go to find safety? Who can help me? How can I find safety in this terrible situation?
Please, someone, help me. Please tell me what I have to do to find my freedom and a simple, safe life.
— Loghman Sawari - https://www.facebook.com/loghman.sawari.3/posts/1857909737867206