Religious persecution by Australia

Dear Prime Minister,

The disturbance and destruction at the Manus detention centre in the last few days has created further misery and fear among the men who are trapped there. Which Australian value is it that causes us to destroy a religious building at the start of a period of religious observance? Lynne Murphy writes:

[On Sunday] the Australian Border Force removed detainees from the Manus N Block comprising almost half of Fox compound.
Adding to the trauma of the forced eviction, access was denied to the only place of worship available to the Muslims who needed that space for observance of Ramadan prayers five times a day in this holy month. After much pressure ... some space was made available for prayer in the deserted P Block, Fox Compound.
It can easily be speculated that the timing of evictions and the deprivation of a prayer venue at the beginning of Ramadan is continues the deliberate and planned cruelty by the Australian Immigration Department in order to provoke, hurt and coerce detainees.
It is astonishing that the Australian Border Force is takes such actions at this time. Representatives of The Australian Government are asserting under oath in the Victorian Supreme Court that Australia is not in effective control of the Manus Island detention centre and therefore owes no duty of care to protect the people being held there from foreseeable harm.

Bring all the people in offshore detention to Australia.