End offshore detention. Bring them here. #281

Dear Prime Minister,

In Behrouz Boochani's evocative and insightful article in The Saturday paper he describes his trips from Manus detention centre to the tiny island of Mendirlin.  There, he and other refugees are welcomed to visit by patriarch Rubbin Malachi despite he and his family's own imminent homelessness due to rising sea levels. Behrouz Boochani concludes his article:

Mendirlin, a small island, in all its beauty and innocence, is a centre of gravity for many complex matters at the heart of our global crisis: war, environmental pollution, climate change and the refugee crisis. To be more precise, the crisis of people who happen to have nowhere to live, people who have no other way, no remedy but to risk their lives and seek asylum in other nations. It is not difficult to imagine that in the future people like Rubbin and his family who have welcomed refugees to their island may need to seek asylum in other countries.
After a few hours, I returned to Manus Island and its prison. On the way, I was thinking about the images and questions parading in my mind. Questions such as: What has happened to our world when a tiny island such as Mendirlin embraces refugees with open arms, and a huge continent such as Australia throws them thousands of kilometres out into the middle of the ocean?
— https://www.thesaturdaypaper.com.au/2017/05/06/island-manus/14939928004582

Close the camps and bring them here.