From a Mother on Nauru

Dear Prime Minister,

These are the words of Azita Fathalipoor

I’m a mother from Nauru Detention Centre. As a mother, I want to share my pain with Australian mothers on Mother’s Day. Unfortunately it’s been three years that we are in detention centre and we see our kids’ pain and we are unable to help them. It’s been three years that our kids don’t have birthday cake! They don’t have candles, and they don’t even have birthday presents. I as a mother have been a witness for all of these.
Our kids don’t have a proper place to sleep, sit or even play. It’s been three years that our kids are away from basic rights of life. It’s been three years that our kids don’t get any proper education. It’s been three years that Australian Government has stolen our kids’ best chances of their lives away from them.
It’s been three years that our children are looking for freedom. They only want a normal life and nothing else - a normal life in a country such as Australia where they can play freely, go to school and be happy. These are the very first rights of a child which have been stolen away from them for three years. Seriously, what is their sin?
Where are the ‘children rights’ that Australia believes in? Or maybe they think only their children deserve to have rights? It’s been three years that our children are looking for the ‘lost justice’ and they haven’t seen anything but cruelty. Where is that ‘human right’ that Australia claims? Our children have got too many questions in their mind which unfortunately no one is able to answer.
It’s been three years that (Minister Dutton) says there are no kids in detention. He doesn’t count our kids. Aren’t our kids like other kids? What kind of human right does allow to use women and children for politics? Three years of our children’s lives are being ruined, who is responsible for this huge cruelty?
Kids of Nauru detention have mental issues, as well as their families. Poor Nauru Detention’s kids that have to see their parents depressed and unable to even talk to them. It’s a part of the pain of all mothers of here which I wanted to share it with other Australian mothers on mother’s day and behalf of all the mothers ask them to free our kids from this hell, you Australian people have power and if you want you can change many things.
At last, I want to thank all advocaters that try to make our kids smile by sending gifts, we really appreciate that but unfortunately nothing can make them happy anymore except a ‘normal life’. We love you and respect you and we ask you to please, please please free our children from this hell.

Close the camps and bring them here.