Is this our refugee assessment process?

Dear Prime Minister,

Azzam el Sheikh describes his refugee status assessments in 2014 which resulted in a negative status.

The first time they changed what I said. When I asked them to check the recorded voice they refused. They said ‘make an appeal’.
The last meeting with immigration I asked them to check the situation in Lebanon. and public security. I said, ‘You are the person who will make the decision if I get deported or not.’ He said yes. I said, ‘Where is Lebanon? Which continent?’ He said, Africa. I said, ‘Which countries do we have as borders?’ He said, I do not know. I said, ‘How many parties do we have?’. He said he did not know. I said, ‘Do you know how many people have guns?’ No. I said, ‘Do you know the number of people who have guns not under the army or government?’ No. I said, ‘’How can you make a decision then if you don’t know anything?’
They have a recording of that too.
They do not use any rules. I said get that recording. Australia has that. If it says I’m a liar I’ll go back on same day.
For no reason. They reject us for no reason.
— By Azzam el Cheikh 6 May 2017.

Close the camps. Bring them here.