Will Australia settle or be sued?

Dear Prime Minister,

The huge class action of 1905 current and former detainees on Manus Island who are suing the Australian Government starts today. The lead plaintiff is Mr Majid Kamasaei. This is why he is suing Australia:

an Iranian man, Majid Kamasaei, who was held in the Manus Island offshore ‘processing centre’ for 11 months before he was transferred to Melbourne. When a teenager in Iran, he suffered severe burns to his face, rescuing his brother from a fire. When he arrived at Manus Island his prescribed medications (necessary to keep the scar tissues on his face and neck from cracking and contracting) were confiscated, his condition deteriorated and he alleges that he was denied medical treatment. He claims the lack of treatment was used as a tactic to pressurise him, with staff telling him that he could either return to Iran and resume his medical treatments there – or wait on Manus Island for his asylum application to be processed, with no treatment in the meantime.
— http://thejusticegap.com/2017/06/manus-island-class-action-australias-shame-world-stage/

The claim of the class action is that

the detainees suffered physical and psychological injuries due to negligence by the defendants in the provision of (a) food and water; (b) accommodation; (c) healthcare services; and (d) security
— http://thejusticegap.com/2017/06/manus-island-class-action-australias-shame-world-stage/

A further purpose of the action is to publicly reveal the extent of Australia's shameful mistreatment and torture of the men detained on Manus Island.

What will the Australian government do, Prime Minister, settle or be sued? At what cost?