End offshore detention #317

Dear Prime Minister,

Behrouz Boochani spoke at a conference in Geneva on 9 June.

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a conference about human rights and Australia’s harsh policy in Manus and Nauru in Geneva. I explained something about life in Manus prison, the history of the policy and the refugees who have died under the policy. I explained something about the deal between Australia and America and how they are planning to use the deal to keep this policy in place in PNG cities. I talked about how we have been living under a situation where we are not safe, and the recent shooting. At the end of my speech I asked the global society to help us make a challenge against Australia in the international courts, because the Australian and PNG courts have so far not been able to produce justice for the refugees. We have been without access to any justice and law. The session I spoke in was also presented by representatives from the UN, Amnesty and the Refugee Council of Australia. Representatives from other countries also spoke at the conference.
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Close the camps and bring them here.