The pressure on Manus Island continues

Dear Prime Minister,

Behrouz Boochani writes:

Unfortunately I did not have much access to the internet during the past two weeks because someone stole my phone. What has happened on Manus in these past two weeks? Immigration twice came to us and threatened that they want to close this prison on 31st October, and said the refugees must leave the prison and go to East Lorengau camp which is close to Lorengau town. Immigration is pushing people to accept this option by calling the refugees and talking with them, saying you don’t have any choice. If they send people to East Lorengau it means that they will continue the policy of denying our rights and denying our freedom and it will not solve the problem. Also they destroyed a part of Foxtrot camp last week, and about 25 refugees from there are currently living in Oscar compound or Charlie, which is a small tent close to Oscar. Immigration’s plan is to first destroy the whole of Foxtrot by the end of June and then start sending people to East Lorengau camp from other compounds. Until now nobody has accepted to leave the centre and go to East Lorengau camp under these conditions and the people in Foxtrot are resisting going to other compounds. Also Immigration will stop all of the activities in the centre, including exercise, English classes and excursions. This means that they are very serious about closing the centre. They will close the small shopping facility in the centre by each week cutting one item from sale, for example one week they will stop selling drinks, then the next week they will stop selling chocolate and the next week they will stop selling phone cards, and on and on until the shop is closed. At this moment the problem is that the other compounds don’t have the capacity to accept the refugees from Foxtrot because there are not enough rooms and tents for them. We don’t know how Immigration want to move people from Foxtrot. Their plan is to make the tents and rooms so crowded that people have to leave the centre and go to East Lorengau camp. Also there is so much pressure on people with negative refugee status, and every day Immigration threatens them, saying you must leave PNG and go back to your country. There will be some hard days in the next weeks because the system wants to settle us in PNG under pressure and by force.