End offshore detention #348

Dear Prime Minister,

Honi Soit, The University of Sydney, has published another article by Imran Mohammad who is still trapped on Manus Island. This is the first part of Imran Mohammad's article:

Last month, I spent yet another birthday in this God-forsaken place. It was my fourth birthday in Manus prison. I was a young boy of just 19 when I stepped onto Papua New Guinea on October 29, 2013. Today I am 23, and I have suffered every day since.
As soon as I got off the plane, I was forcibly moved to this isolated place, where everything could be concealed from the rest of the world. I didn’t know how appalling the punishment would be. This was a hole designed to make humans suffer in a way that the world will struggle to ever comprehend. It is beyond human understanding, unless you are living it.
— Imran Mohammad, http://honisoit.com/2017/06/four-birthdays-in-manus-prison/

Prime Minister, end the suffering. Bring all offshore detainees to Australia and close the camps.