End offshore detention of refugees #352

Dear Prime Minister,

The uncertainty facing the refugees on Manus Island and Nauru amounts to torture. Is Australia determined to play with their health and lives until the very last moment? Foreign Minister Bishop says that the refugee deal with the US is going ahead, but the US officials who have barely made a start on interviewing refugees on Nauru left on Friday, two weeks early. Why?

Why go through this elaborate charade? Zebedee Parkes wrote yesterday of the six reasons why all detainees on Manus island and Nauru must be brought to Australia now:

  1. Systemic child abuse
  2. Sexual assault
  3. Abusive guards
  4. Medical neglect
  5. Forcing people to deportation, resettlement or suicide
  6. Resettling people in PNG and Nauru is dangerous

These are not historic, these are ongoing. Stop messing about with the unreliable US and bring all detainees to Australia now.