Free all refugees in offshore detention #354

Dear Prime Minister,

Walid Zazai, one of Australia's many prisoners on Manus Island, has the following questions for Australia:

Q1: What reason do you condemn us? Why do you think we are a danger to your society?
All we want is to live peacefully in Australia in an environment that is safe, rather than the war zones we managed to escape from. We want to care for our families and give back to the Australian community.
Q2: Arriving in Australia by boat without a visa is not illegal in Australian law. Why then do you say we are illegal?
And if we have committed no crime in Australian Law, why them do you treat us as criminals and lock us up indefinitely in detention??
Q3: Financially it makes no sense for us to be here as it would cost the same to properly resettle 12 refugees in Australia as it does to torture one on Manus Island for 12 months.
How can you justify wasting billions of Australian people’s tax payer dollars?
And why do you insist on hiring ill equipped private security rather than employees who would treat us as fellow human beings with kindness and dignity?
Q4: Your legislation dictates that no employee of the Australian immigration department or its contractors are allowed to speak publicly about the environment of refugees on Manus Island.
Why are you so afraid of the Australian public knowing the conditions you keep us in?
Q:5 Australian government, you say you are keeping us here on Manus Island because we came by boat, & you value human lives and want to stop people smuggling. However seeking asylum is a human right for genuine refugees, and what we have experienced here is a violation of human rights by your hands. How do you explain the hypocrisy? If you truly valued human lives would you not value our lives? At least 5 men have died by these policies, what about their lives? What about our lives?
— Walid Zazai

Prime Minister, how do you answer Walid Zazai?