Have mercy. Four years too many.

Dear Prime Minister,

Today is the fourth anniversary of indefinite offshore detention of refugees by Australia. More than 2000 refugees, including 196 children, have endured physical violence including murder, sexual abuse, torture, medical neglect causing disability and death, catastrophic mental health damage, self-harm and suicide attempts, all of which still continue. Any one of these outrages against humanity should be enough to have shamed and shocked the government into bringing all the detainees to safety immediately. How can Australia call itself a democratic civil society when the wishes of the majority and the rule of law are blatantly disregarded?

The thousands of people who have attended tonight's vigils, the many more who also think of the refugees and advocate for justice and the refugees themselves who continue to speak and write, will not be silenced. End the torture, corruption and lies and bring all detainees on Manus Island and Nauru to freedom and safety now.