Four years too many. End offshore detention.

Dear Prime Minister,

Lynne Murphy reports this morning's news from Manus Island RPC.

Chairs are being removed from the mess so the men are doing what they can to help maintain order within the mess.
Message from Manus:
The men of Manus have organised their own peacekeeping group to manage the queues within the mess.
There is trouble within the system because Wilson has been removing five or ten chairs from the mess each day. Not everybody can now sit and eat inside the mess, some guys have to sit on the actual table to eat.
Wilson are getting angrier every day, possibly because they are disgruntled about losing their jobs.
The men believe Wilson are trying to provoke violence, so the men of Manus are doing what they can to keep things orderly.
They have created their own peacekeeping group to manage crisis in the dining area of the mess.
— Lynne Murphy,

Also today, Behrouz Boochani reports on the forced removal of the refugees and power and water cuts in the camp:

These photos are of the refugees whose tent has had power & water cut by Immigration. #Manus today...Australian immigration has cut the power and water to Charlie tent and made some refugees homeless. About 10 refugees had moved into Charlie tent after leaving Foxtrot compound a month ago, when immigration threatened that Foxtrot would be closed. Charlie tent is near Oscar compound and the refugees had invested what little they had into making it habitable. Now immigration is forcing them to leave Charlie tent too in the hope they will leave the detention centre. It’s unbelievable how immigration is using power and water as a tool to force people to accept to live in PNG. The refugees in Manus prefer to live in the detention centre rather than accepting to live in PNG, because PNG is not safe and there will not be any protection for them.
— Behrouz Boochani,

Prime Minister, how can you preside over this mess of human rights violations?

Bring all refugees in offshore detention to Australia now.