Again, where is the humanity?

Dear Prime Minister,

This week, Dr U Ne Oo, an Australian citizen, submitted a document titled 'Enslavement in Manus Island and Nauru' to the Office of the Prosecutor of International Criminal Court. The summary of his allegations are as follows:

The Commonwealth Government of Australia has perpetrated the crime against humanity of enslavement of asylum-seekers. A total of 2,200 asylum-seekers, who are of entirely civilian characters have been confined in Manus Island of Papua New Guinea and in Republic of Nauru for four years. The detention companies Broadspectrum and Ferrovial have co-perpetrated in the crime of enslavement. The governments of Papua New Guinea and Republic of Nauru also have co-perpetrated in this crime.
— Enslavement in Manus Island and Nauru,
Hamid Kehazaei (24) and Faysal Ahmed (27) died from preventable causes in RPCs.

Hamid Kehazaei (24) and Faysal Ahmed (27) died from preventable causes in RPCs.

In the final section of Dr U Ne Oo's submission titled 'The Crime Against Humanity' he asks 

Where is our humanity? ... Why is it that there is such a deep failure of humanity in these cases ? Why humanity cannot intervene in these cases; when human sufferings and the loss of human lives are being treated like disposable objects ?

Prime Minister, do you notice this is the same question that Walid Zazai asked in his statement in my letter to you yesterday? Dr U Ne Oo does have an answer:

[In] the case of those asylum-seekers ... the controls tantamount to possession have been applied on those asylum-seekers. ... the perpetrators of enslavement have been exercising all the powers attached to the right of ownership over those asylum-seekers. These tragic deaths are unmistaken indicators of slavery. ...
In slavery, the power of control is so severe and so dark that the humanity – the natural response of human kindness — cannot even come into a shine for its effects. The humanity has been forbidden. Hence, the crime against humanity.
— Dr U Ne Oo

I thank Dr U Ne Oo for his submission to the ICC and ask how can you defend Australia's enslavement of the asylum seekers in offshore detention? When will Australia's humanity be restored and when will full rights, freedoms and restitution be made to the men, women and children on Manus Island and Nauru? Bring them here now.