except by force.

Dear Prime Minister,

The pressure on the refugees is increasing day by day. Today they cut the water in Foxtrot, the largest compound in Manus detention centre, and they are planning to cut the power soon. Immigration officers and Wilson security are threatening refugees right now to leave. The government is determined to close the detention centre and the refugees are determined to resist. It seems there is not any way to close the detention centre except by force. The Australian government is blatantly violating human rights at the same time that it is competing with other countries to get a seat on the UN Human Rights Council in October. This government wants to take the refugees out of the detention centre before October so they can tell the world they closed this prison camp. I am asking all of those advocates who are fighting for change to Australia’s illegal and dangerous refugee policies to be with the refugees in this historical period.
— Behrouz Boochani

How far will you go, Prime Minister? How many more people will you allow to be killed?