End offshore detention #367

Dear Prime Minister,

Refugees on Manus Island have been threatened that they will be arrested if they refuse to move to East Lorengau. But violence against them is increasing: three were attacked and wounded over the weekend by locals. Behrouz Boochani reports:

The Australian Border Force and PNG immigration cut the power and water in Foxtrot which is the largest compound in Manus prison camp. According to their plan, they want to first close Foxtrot then close other compounds to force people to go to the Transit Centre which is close to the local Lorengau community.About 100 refugees are living in Foxtrot and at this moment there is not any place for them to live. Only the people who are living in tropical areas know how hard it is to live without power. Pressure is increasing inside the prison camp, and on the other side the attacks on the refugees in Lorengau town are increasing. The ABF plan is to put pressure on both sides to force the refugees to go back to their countries.
— Behrouz Boochani

Bulldozers hae been moved in to the detention centre, some under cover of darkness.

What part of the UN Refugee Convention does this situation satisfy, Prime Minister? Bring all refugees in offshore detention to Australia now.