Bring the refugees here now.

Dear Prime Minister,

Immigration threatened the refugees in Charlie tent, saying if you don’t leave we will cut the power on Friday. These refugees are about 10 people. They have only been in Charlie tent for about 3 weeks after leaving Foxtrot when told that it would close.
If they cut the power in Charlie, the refugees don’t have any place to go and will become homeless. Two weeks ago some other refugees left Foxtrot and went to the rooms which were part of the old medical clinic, but they could not stay there because immigration cut the power and they were homeless for a few days.
Australian immigration is trying to close Foxtrot but without providing any place for the refugees who leave Foxtrot to go. When the refugees ask them to find a place for them they say you must go to East Lorengau camp. East Lorengau is close to the local community and means the refugees would be forced to live in PNG.
— Behrouz Boochani