End offshore detention.

Dear Prime Minister,

Today was the 15th day of peaceful protest by refugees on Manus Island. Imran Mohammad has published a new article on the refugees' plight. He reminds us that:

The cave that we have been stuck in for over four years is beyond an ordinary person’s comprehension because their minds have never come across of the type of sufferings that we face on a daily basis on Manus Island.
— Imran Mohammad, Manus Island

We cause this suffering. Yet there is no end in sight. Why, Prime Minister? Why do we force these people to suffer? As Imran says:

An asylum seeker and a refugee is a real person, with a real body, a real heart and a real consciousness. We are as human as you are. Regardless of how we have been introduced to you all, we are just asking for safety. Please raise your voice in hopes that a long term solution can be found for our lives soon instead of abandoning us here with no hope, help and future.
— Imran Mohammad

Bring all the asylum seekers and refugees from Manus Island and Nauru to safety and freedom.