Forced removals

Dear Prime Minister,

The forcing out of refugees from the relative safety of the detention centre on Manus Island continues. RadioNZ reports that a second group of thirty men has been forcibly removed by plane from Manus to Port Moresby under the pretence of accessing medical care. However, they have been left at a motel, with no support. They are in danger of being arrested and jailed for being illegally in PNG. Another thirty men in the Manus detention centre have been told that they will be moved to Port Moresby next week.

Meanwhile yesterday at the detention centre the phone room was demolished so that refugees cannot contact their families or their supporters in Australia. And equipment and supplies meant for the refugees have been taken by Broadspectrum and donated to a local school.

Please show leadership and end this. Sack Minister Dutton, bring all offshore detainees to safety and freedom immediately and establish a Royal Commission to ensure that this never happens again.