Protests continue on Manus

Dear Prime Minister,

Today's news:

Just now a Fork Lift truck came inside the Manus detention centre to close the gate that separates Oscar and Delta compounds from Foxtrot. There were police with the truck. The refugees did not allow them to close the gate, and the truck and police left the detention centre. Their plan was to separate the compounds to limit our ability to peacefully protest. We, the refugees in Manus, are protesting peacefully and do not want to make any violence. Immigration is provoking the refugees to try to get us to react with violence. At the same time, Australian Federal Police have arrived in Manus but I don’t know how many officers are here.
— Behrouz Boochani

How many AFP officers are on Manus island? Why are they there?

End offshore detention and bring all men, women and children to Australia now.