Standoff on Manus

Dear Prime Minister,

The standoff on Manus Island over the closure of Foxtrot Compound has come to a head this morning.
Police have shut the gates of Foxtrot to prevent any leaving or entering.
Around 10.15am this morning, police tried to enter Foxtrot.
But asylum seekers and refugees have peacefully blockaded the Foxtrot gate from the inside, so far preventing the police from entering.
“We are urgently calling on Malcolm Turnbull to end the standoff and withdraw the police. The police are being guided and supported by the Australian Border Force officers and the AFP,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.
“The leaked transcript of Turnbull’s conversation with Trump has definitively exposed Turnbull’s duplicity. There never was a deal that guaranteed refugees from Manus would be resettled in the US. And there is no resettlement deal with PNG. Turnbull’s deal was all about domestic political posturing. He lied about them being economic refugees.
“The fate of those unlawfully imprisoned on Manus is in Australia’s hands. Nothing can justify the attempt to forcibly close Foxtrot compound and to force refugees to move to East Lorengau. It’s time to end the farce on Manus and bring everyone to Australia.”
— Eyes on Offshore:

Australia's actions on Manus are monstrous. Bring all refugees in offshore detention to Australia now.