Punished for their patience and good will

Dear Prime Minister,

I can hardly bear to address these letters, you have so demeaned and corrupted the office of Prime Minister. However, I started these letters with the aim of writing one for every person held in offshore detention or until all detainees are free and safe and so I will continue, while the graphic violence and torture on Manus Island and Nauru get worse day after day.

The refugees on Nauru have written a statement which includes this question:

ABF [Australian Border Force], you say Nauru is responsible for us, but you make all of the decisions. For Nauru, we are a commodity in a ruined economy. Why do you want to punish us and hold us prisoners in a place where we are simply a means for people to earn an income, because their land was destroyed by your greed?
— https://www.greenleft.org.au/content/nauru-refugees-%E2%80%98we-have-right-be-free-and-know-our-future%E2%80%99

Why do you punish desperate people who asked us for help, Prime Minister?