Dear Prime Minister,

Is interfering in the legal process of another country part of Australian values? Behrouz Boochani reported from Manus Island yesterday:

Today I and my friend Aziz were prevented from getting on the plane in Manus. We were going to fly to Port Moresby to appear in court tomorrow as witnesses, but unfortunately we were prevented from flying by airport staff. A few days ago we had a meeting with immigration and explained to them that the court ordered that we should be in Port Moresby on Friday. Immigration told us we will not pay for your ticket or accommodation, but you are allowed to leave Manus Island to go to Port Moresby. Unfortunately though we found out today that they had ordered the airport staff to prevent us from getting on the plane. This case shows how we are kept hostage by the Australian Government in Manus Island and how the Government is trying to hide its crimes in Manus prison camp.
— Behrouz Boochani

The trial, in the PNG Supreme Court, is to determine how much compensation will be paid to the men Australia has imprisoned there for more than 4 years. As Behrouz Boochani says, Australia is trying to hide its crimes by holding witnesses hostage. End offshore detention now.