Save them. Save Australia.

Dear Prime Minister,

What would you do if you were illegally imprisoned and tortured for four years with no sign of release and you heard that people in the country which caused your suffering were in need? Would you give your last $30 to them? That is what Walid Zazai, a young Afghani refugee on Manus Island, has done. He is worried that the hundreds of refugees sent to Australia for medical treatment will be forced to go back to Manus Island and Nauru now that Minister Dutton has cut their $200 per fortnight payments and evicted them from housing. Walid Zazai wants to help save them from the hell he knows all too well there.

Do you endorse this decision of Minister Dutton, whose concept of cost-cutting is to save at most $120,000 per person per year by forcing them back to offshore detention which will cost instead $573,000 per person per year? Every reason of logic, humanity and economics says end offshore detention and bring all the men, women and children detained on Manus and Nauru to safety and freedom.