Child suicide danger on Nauru

Dear Prime Minister,

On Friday 5 January 2018 Nauruan government officials said that the police will forcibly move a fourteen year old refugee child and her refugee family from the medical facilities at RPC 1 on Nauru. The child has previously attempted suicide and has been diagnosed with a mental illness. Attempts to treat her have been unsuccessful. If the child and her family are removed from RPC 1 they will be forced to go back to the mouldy, unairconditioned, crowded tents at RPC 3 and will no longer be under medical supervision. The medical staff on Nauru warn that she is a high risk of suicide.

Why has Border Force allowed this to happen? Why hasn't medical advice been followed?

Today I rang Minister Dutton's Canberra office. I tried to pass a message on to Minister Dutton asking why there is still no replacement for Dr John Brayley, former chief medical officer of ABF. I asked why there is no one in the department who has medical qualifications yet decisions about medical care (mostly about withholding it) are still being made. The person answering the phone said he was unable to pass on my message and would not log my call. He suggested I write a letter. This is my 529th letter to you Prime Minister, and I am still waiting for a single reply.

What do we citizens do when the Government breaks international law, the law of other countries and its own law, endangers the life of a child despite direct warnings of those dangers and refuses to respond to we citizens? Why should we citizens act within the law when the Government does not? These are not rhetorical questions.