Withholding medical care is torture

Dear Prime Minister,

On January 8 2018 I wrote to you about Minister Dutton's failure to find a replacement for the former ABF Chief Medical Officer, Dr John Brayley. In that letter I referred to the suffering of a 14 year old girl and her family on Nauru because she is being denied medical treatment. Today Guardian Australia published a devastating article about another refugee detained on Nauru. He is Rohingyan. His wife and child are in Australia. He had attempted to make a life on Nauru but was beaten so badly by locals that he suffered brain damage and became mentally unwell. He tried to commit suicide by jumping off a roof. He survived, but badly broke his foot. The Nauru Hospital did not have the resources to treat his injuries. For more than a year he has suffered continuous severe pain. His mental state is so damaged that he does not understand where he is or how to look after himself. IHMS staff consider him to be violent. Medical staff on Nauru have repeatedly requested that he be transferred to Australia for urgent medical treatment. Yet there is no Chief Medical Officer on ABF staff and non-medically trained ABF staff continue to deny the man's transfer because the man will never be well enough to be returned to Nauru.

I feel sick, reading about this and writing this letter. Give this poor man immediate amnesty and fly him to Australia. You have succeeded in ruining his life. At least let him live.