Paladin vs Kingfisher

Dear Prime Minister,

Why did Australia increase the contract fee paid to Port Moresby security company Paladin from $39 million to $72 million one month before Paladin's contract was due to expire? The contract period was 4 months. Will the Government continue to pay $33 million per month for security on Manus?

On 15 January the Manus company Kingfisher threw the Paladin staff off the West Haus and Hillside sites. Behrouz Boochani reported:

Kingfisher company is in competition with Paladin, because of that they sent all of Paladin staff out. Same problem happened 11 November last year. It’s unacceptable that the companies who have responsibility for security are making the situation unsafe.
— Behrouz Boochani

The refugees are not safe. What will happen on Jan 31 2018 when the security contract expires?