Danger and poverty on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

Recent news reports from Papua New Guinea reinforce the repeated claims from the refugees detained there about risks of violence, poor security and lack of basic necessities.

PNG provincial governors warn of torture and murder of vulnerable people who have been accused of sorcery. Minister Dutton's claims that PNG is a safe country are again shown to be false.

Why has Paladin, the new security provider, re-employed the Australian security guards who had formerly worked for Wilson Security? These guards had been accused of violence, destruction of property and verbal abuse by the refugees during the years of the Manus RPC at Lombrun and in its violent destruction and clearing.

The chief executive of PNG's Independent Consumer and Competition Commission warns that fuel and food prices will increase in 2018. Has Australia taken this into account in calculating the allowance each refugee receives? It is more than four weeks since the refugees were forced into Lorengau and many have not received their allowances yet. When will a reliable system for payment begin?