Baby Ali

Dear Prime Minister,

Marilyn Beech reports:

One of Australia’s smallest detainees - this is Baby Ali. The little boy was born on Nauru on 4 October 2017. His parents are refugees from Somalia, who sought safety in Australia.

Ali’s father, Mikail, says Ali has chronic stomach pain and has never been seen by a doctor, since birth. Contrary to the spin from Dutton and his department - and especially contrary to New South Wales Liberal Senator, former Major-General Jim Molan’s infamous lie that ‘’Most people in regional Australia would give their right arm’’ to have the medical care provided to refugees on Nauru, there is NO medical follow-up of babies born on Nauru.

(The population of Nauru, excluding refugees, is the unhealthiest national population in the world, according to the World Health Organisation.)

Mikail says doctors on Nauru don’t care enough about the health of the women, men and children who are forced to remain on the island. He would like Ali’s plight to be known, and for people in Australia to stand up for this child, and the other 170 refugee children on Nauru.
— Marilyn Beech
Baby Ali, Nauru, 2018

Baby Ali, Nauru, 2018

Amnesty now for all refugees and asylum seekers detained on Nauru and in Papua New Guinea.