Mould and the Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

Again I ask you to reconsider your support of Minister Dutton. Today's example of mismanagement, cover-ups and endangering the health of Australians and refugees comes from Nauru. SBS News reports that the Australian constructed buildings at RPC1 on Nauru were riddled with mould and 'rotting from the inside out.' Staff who slept there suffered health problems including cognitive and neurological symptoms, chronic pain, chest infections and persistent coughs. 'Authorities at the centre' blamed these health issues on dust from passing trucks. The floor rotted through yet in a 2015 meeting between DIBP and the construction firm Canstruct the blame was laid on the RPC1 staff's 'heavy foot traffic.' A leaked email from Canstruct said their staff who knew about the extent of the mould problem were gagged.

Who authorised the original shoddy building? Who covered up the problem and delayed repairs? How much will Minister Dutton's department spend on another out-of-court settlement with the Australian employees when they sue for damages?