Allowances withheld from refugees

Dear Prime Minister,

The PNG ICSA and Australian Border Forces are now using a new tactic to provoke and make the guys lose their temper by discrimination.
What they are doing is, giving some facilities to some guys and not for the rest. For example last week some refugees been paid 500 kina allowance of COPP program, which they used to participate in COPP in Lombrum camp.
Some refugees have not been paid the allowance of 500 kina although they have participated in the program. They are eligible to be paid the 500 kina allowance.
Refugees are already suffering with trauma stress and this issue really deteriorating their mental health. The intention of management is to cause conflict, to make the refugees lose their tempers and to weaken them.

Is it Australia's strategy to try to provoke violence among the refugees by withholding the allowance of some? Or is it Australia's incompetence?