15 sick men forced back to camp

Dear Prime Minister,

Fifteen sick men were forcibly returned to Manus from Granville Lodge, Port Moresby [2 Feb].
Armed police and PNG Immigration officers forcibly removed 15 sick men from the Granville Lodge accommodation in Port Moresby about 3 am this morning. They took them back to West Haus and Hillside Haus, in Lorengau, Manus Island.
The group included 8 refugees and 7 asylum seekers. After waiting months in Port Moresby, many have received little or no medical treatment. Many have not finished their medical treatment, for some, their medical treatment had not commenced.
Many men who have been waiting for medical treatment since arriving in Port Moresby since August 2017 have not been given medical appointments yet.
IHMS has been the contracted medical services supplier to men taken against their will Manus Island. IHMS contract expires this month. There seems to be no other contractor now employed to provide those services.
Manus Island’s medical services are insufficient for the local population. Manus Island does not have the facilities to treat the sick men detained on Manus Island.
— https://www.facebook.com/eyesonoffshore/posts/1987324614870474?hc_location=ufi

This is completely unacceptable. Withholding medical treatment from detainees is torture. End it now. Bring all detainees on Manus and Nauru to safety and freedom now.