Epic Mould on Nauru

Dear Prime Minister,

Dr Cameron Jones, a microbiologist contracted by Transfield to assess the mould in the Nauru immigration centre, reports that the contamination was of ‘epic proportions’ and was a serious health hazard. Despite these findings showing direct impact on the health of Australian staff who worked there the report was covered up.

Who authorised the suppression of this report? 

The Department of Home Affairs is lying when it says that no-one has developed health issues due to mould exposure at Nauru RPC. Comcare has received a complaint about workers diagnosed with respiratory conditions caused by mould at Nauru RPC.

The article in the Guardian on 24 February details interference with the investigation, suppression of previous reports, prevention of investigators speaking with refugees, photographic evidence of ongoing mould infestations and long-term health problems for numbers of former staff.

The working conditions for staff in Australia’s offshore detention centre are Australia’s responsibility. The health of the refugees is Australia’s responsibility. Bring them all to safety and freedom now.