Good Friday shooting

End offshore detention. Bring them here.

Dear Prime Minister,

There are more than 850 men imprisoned on Manus Island. One of them, Imran Mohammad Fazal Hoque, has published an article in The Age newspaper about the shooting there on Good Friday. His article concludes:

Despite being imprisoned for almost four years, the fear for our lives has increased. Moreover, the chances of violence is extremely high and on top of everything else, the uncertainty of our future has remained the same. We no longer feel we are human beings - we are just human trash that is dumped here by Australia.

We are not going to get back our four years, nor forget the trauma we have suffered here. It is clear that all the Australians, the refugees and asylum seekers are in great danger. Australia, it is your responsibility to move all of us to safety immediately, whether you admit it or not. It is high time you closed the centre.

We are begging Australian and PNG government to stop playing with political words, instead please give us a chance to live our lives in safety. That is all we hope and ask.
— Imran Mohammad Fazal Hoque:

Close the camps. Bring them here.