Imran Mohammad

End offshore detention.

Dear Prime Minister,

Today was the 15th day of peaceful protest by refugees on Manus Island. Imran Mohammad has published a new article on the refugees' plight. He reminds us that:

The cave that we have been stuck in for over four years is beyond an ordinary person’s comprehension because their minds have never come across of the type of sufferings that we face on a daily basis on Manus Island.
— Imran Mohammad, Manus Island

We cause this suffering. Yet there is no end in sight. Why, Prime Minister? Why do we force these people to suffer? As Imran says:

An asylum seeker and a refugee is a real person, with a real body, a real heart and a real consciousness. We are as human as you are. Regardless of how we have been introduced to you all, we are just asking for safety. Please raise your voice in hopes that a long term solution can be found for our lives soon instead of abandoning us here with no hope, help and future.
— Imran Mohammad

Bring all the asylum seekers and refugees from Manus Island and Nauru to safety and freedom.

End offshore detention #348

Dear Prime Minister,

Honi Soit, The University of Sydney, has published another article by Imran Mohammad who is still trapped on Manus Island. This is the first part of Imran Mohammad's article:

Last month, I spent yet another birthday in this God-forsaken place. It was my fourth birthday in Manus prison. I was a young boy of just 19 when I stepped onto Papua New Guinea on October 29, 2013. Today I am 23, and I have suffered every day since.
As soon as I got off the plane, I was forcibly moved to this isolated place, where everything could be concealed from the rest of the world. I didn’t know how appalling the punishment would be. This was a hole designed to make humans suffer in a way that the world will struggle to ever comprehend. It is beyond human understanding, unless you are living it.
— Imran Mohammad,

Prime Minister, end the suffering. Bring all offshore detainees to Australia and close the camps.

Imran Mohammad is illegally detained on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

Honi Soit, the weekly newspaper of The University of Sydney will publish a series of articles by Imran Mohammad, a Rohingya refugee, currently detained by Australia in Manus Regional Processing Centre. In the first article, Imran introduces himself. This is what he writes about being forcibly and indefinitely detained on Manus Island:

I was upset that I was moved here against my will, but what has really broken my heart is the knowledge that the detention centre was intentionally built to make refugees and asylum seekers suffer. It would take me decades to explain how we have been soaked in the rain and heated in the burning sun at Australia’s hands. Despite being a country that holds its head high with great pride in preserving human lives, I was almost killed at their hands during the riot in our camp in 2014.

I have committed no crime, however myself and hundreds of men have been imprisoned for almost four years and still have no clear view of our future. I would rather be in a prison cell than in this inhumane setting, as at least I would know the date of my release.
— Imran Mohammad,

Imran turns 23 in 3 days time. He fled Burma when he was 16. What were you doing in the seven glorious years between 16 and 23, Prime Minister? Did you know, even then, that you would have people tortured and killed to achieve your goals? What we are doing to the people on Manus and Nauru is personal. You have the power to change the policy. Close the camps and bring them here.