Malcolm Turnbull

Your yellow tie was apt

Dear Prime Minister,

Today I took my protest directly to you at Albany. I saw you deliberately avert your eyes twice: as you left the ANZAC Centre and then later as you were driven away from the civic reception. This is what our banners say:

Refugees are Welcome
End Offshore Detention


4 years
7 Dead
169 Kids
$5 Billion
Manus Nauru

Lest We Forget. Manus. Nauru.

Lest We Forget. Manus. Nauru.

Prime Minister, I have written you 368 letters and today driven 100km to see you in person. Yet you were too cowardly to even look at us, let alone speak with us. The people we have locked up illegally on Manus Island and Nauru are in dire need after 4 years of torture. Today cleaning and rubbish services were stopped at Manus detention centre. Power and water have been cut off. The men there are in immediate danger, entirely caused by Australia. Bring them all to Australia now.

For the 175th man on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

In Roger Cohen's New York Times column of 30 December 2016 he writes

The conservative Australian government of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull argues that its policy has “stopped the boats” at a time when more refugees are on the move across the world than at any time since 1945. The argument’s flaw is its inhumanity. Despite being a signatory of all major international human rights treaties, Australia has instituted an indefensible policy of cruelty as deterrence.

Roger Cohen has been to Manus island and reports from first hand experience.

Australia's offshore detention regime is indefensible. Close the camps and bring them here.

End offshore detention. Bring them here #87

Dear Prime Minister,

I draw your attention to the 87th detainee on Manus Island, Mr XXX XXX, from XXX, a man no doubt of courage and initiative, and ask how do you justify your denial of his human rights?

As Richard Ackland writes in today's Guardian, "The high court [of Australia] has recognised that Australia has responsibility for the people it detains offshore." You and your government are responsible for Mr XXX's illegal and inhumane treatment.

Bring them here.

End offshore detention. Bring them here #86

Dear Prime Minister,

The 86th detainee, whose name is Mr XXX XXX, has been on Manus Island for 40 months. His rights for freedom and autonomy have been dangerously interfered with by Australia's cruel and illegal regime of offshore detention. What are you waiting for, Mr Turnbull? Every agency, organisation and country who have even modest humanitarian expectations have condemned our offshore detention of refugees. Minister Dutton accuses these protestors as having "drunk the Kool Aid". Yet it is he, and by association you, who perform a farcical charade of denial.

Close the offshore detention camps and bring them here.