A message from Saeed

Dear Prime Minister,

Today, I send a message of peace and friendship to all the politicians of the world. I especially send this to the Australian government. Our refugees do not wish for war and violence with the Australian government. They bring us a lot of damage. But there is no complaint about them. Just they forgot about peace and love. They need our help. Please send us the waves of love and peace. Imagine them in peace and love.
— Saeed, Manus Island, 27 December 2017

Saeed is a better person than I am, Prime Minister. I struggle to send love and peace to the Australian government. However I can pass Saeed's message on to you. What will you do for Saeed in return?

Australia's responsibility #380

Dear Prime Minister

Alison Battisson, Human Rights Lawyer, has said:

Saeed’s case is another example of an asylum seeker getting lost in an unfamiliar legal system. Australias’s system for hearing and reviewing protection claims is so complex that many find it impossible to navigate. All we ask is that the Minister hear Saeed’s full story
— Alison Battisson

Saeed's brother and other refugees from the same Iraqi minority group were granted asylum in Australia but , on a technicality, Saeed was not. Ms Battisson was working with Saeed to appeal his case directly to the Minister, as is Saeed's right. However, today she found out too late that 15 officers forcibly removed Saeed from Villawood detention centre and put him on a plane back to Iraq despite his extremely frail health.

This is the same racist system which keeps refugees tortured and imprisoned on remote islands, keeps tens of thousands of recognised refugees without work, welfare, health care or education in limbo in Australia, forces employees to betray their professional duty of care and costs inconceivably large amounts of money. Is Saeed's death the price of your Prime Ministership?