End offshore detention. #293

Dear Prime Minister,

We have observed and protested against the year-long campaign to make conditions even worse for detainees on Manus Island. Now documents from Transfield and Broadsprectum show that it has been the active intent of the camp managers and security staff to make Manus detention centre as inhospitable as possible.

There are plans for forced removals and warnings of 'catastrophic consequences' for having to use PNG police. Broadspectrum documents note that pushing the detainees out with no plan for their resettlement would 'be distressing' for them. But they go on to say 'if the detainees fail to comply (ie leave) the police will remove them either to their new compound [peaceful], to the MAA [resist] or jail [violent].'

Do not let this happen. The only possible outcome will be damage, violence, trauma and death. Close the camps and bring them here.