Wilson Security

NGV dumps Wilson Security

Dear Prime Minister,

Refugees and journalists reported serious allegations of abuse and criminal activity by Wilson Security guards in offshore detention centres. Arts activists staged a number of actions at the National Gallery of Victoria which also contracts Wilson for security services. Visiting artists at the NGV Triennial also protested directly against Wilson Security. The NGV has now ended its contract with Wilson Security.

Refugees and citizens will continue to protest against businesses associated with the illegal and inhumane treatment of refugees by Australia. End offshore detention and bring all refugees to safety and freedom now.

All refugees in detention are political prisoners

Dear Prime Minister,

The John Butler Trio opened the Amphitheatre at this year's Woodford folk festival. Across the big stage, in view of tens of thousands of people, was the banner 'All refugees in detention are political prisoners.'



In her letter to The Age, Anne Walker writes that:

It was galling to watch and hear the Prime Minister ask us all to be mindful of the welfare of others in this, the “most successful multicultural nation on earth” while we have had people locked up on Manus and Nauru for years in torment and despair.
— Anne Walker, Carlton

And on one of those places of despair, Manus Island, the torment by Australia continues. Forty Australian guards, formerly employed by Wilson Security at the now-closed Manus RPC, have been  re-employed by the new 'security provider', Paladin, at the three refugee centres of ELTC, Hillside and West Haus. Many of these guards have been accused of violence towards the refugees and participated in the destruction of food, water and property in November. It is now more than four weeks since the refugees were forcibly moved from Lombrun to Lorengau, yet the buildings at Hillside and West Haus are still not complete and there is no reliable access to fresh water, food, services, allowances, medicine, medical care or support services.

Who are the 'others' whose welfare you ask us to be mindful of? Only others like us? Or the most vulnerable, who continue to suffer the most, on Manus and Nauru.

End offshore detention now. Manus and Nauru crisis.

Dear Prime Minister,

The Lorengau bus service has been cancelled because Wilson Security refused to go on the bus to town with us. They scared they will be attacked if they come with us. The canteen services also stopped since this morning as well. We don’t know what’s going on here. Please help us. Pray for us this situation is deteriorating.
— Voice from Manus
Resettlement in PNG is not a humane option. The US now looks out of reach. If the government forces us out of the camp and into more danger we will continue to protest peacefully, but no-one should be surprised if these weeks are punctuated by violence against refugees.
— Behrouz Boochani, http://www.theage.com.au/comment/this-point-scoring-and-deal-making-with-our-lives-is-absurd-20170808-gxrix6.html