All We Can't See

Dear Prime Minister,

We remember the Nauru files. The exhibition 'All We Can't See' is on in Sydney at the Yellow House Gallery until Feb 10th.

Step Repeat II , 2017. Acrylic, ink and gouache on board. Artist: Mark Whalen

Step Repeat II, 2017. Acrylic, ink and gouache on board. Artist: Mark Whalen

27 September 2014 | Risk rating: Information | Type of incident: Complaint |

“...when an asylum seeker slashed his neck, other rushed to his aid. They were stopped by Wilsons guards who stood in a circle around the hurt asylum seeker. They then started to tease the asylum seekers about their desire to go to Australia, and told them ‘you will never be let out of here’.”

Where art leads, politics follows.

15 sick men forced back to camp

Dear Prime Minister,

Fifteen sick men were forcibly returned to Manus from Granville Lodge, Port Moresby [2 Feb].
Armed police and PNG Immigration officers forcibly removed 15 sick men from the Granville Lodge accommodation in Port Moresby about 3 am this morning. They took them back to West Haus and Hillside Haus, in Lorengau, Manus Island.
The group included 8 refugees and 7 asylum seekers. After waiting months in Port Moresby, many have received little or no medical treatment. Many have not finished their medical treatment, for some, their medical treatment had not commenced.
Many men who have been waiting for medical treatment since arriving in Port Moresby since August 2017 have not been given medical appointments yet.
IHMS has been the contracted medical services supplier to men taken against their will Manus Island. IHMS contract expires this month. There seems to be no other contractor now employed to provide those services.
Manus Island’s medical services are insufficient for the local population. Manus Island does not have the facilities to treat the sick men detained on Manus Island.

This is completely unacceptable. Withholding medical treatment from detainees is torture. End it now. Bring all detainees on Manus and Nauru to safety and freedom now.

On behalf of the 553rd man on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

After nearly five years Australia has provided no viable or sustainable option for the refugees it forcibly transferred to Papua New Guinea.

Amnesty now for all men, women and children detained by Australia on Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Bring them all to freedom and safety now.

Corruption on Nauru

Dear Prime Minister,

Radio NZ reports that the refugees detained on Nauru have had some of their meagre services taken away. Host International, who provides services for the refugees, has had to divert funds away from refugees to help pay for the lavish celebrations of Nauru's 50 years of independence. Most of the funds are spent on the Nauruan elite.

Where is the accountability? How much of the money Australia spends on Nauru goes to the refugees? How much goes to the Nauruan citizens? How much goes to Baron Waqa and the elite?