Endless injustice

Dear Prime Minister,

In the news today that Victorian supreme court justice Cameron Macaulay has approved the $70 million settlement to be paid to current and former Manus Island asylum seekers and refugees it has been revealed that Australian Border Force has ordered PNG immigration to prevent the beneficiaries on Manus Island from opening a bank account to receive their money.

On whose authority? For whose benefit? According to which Australian values?

For the 173rd man on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister

For the last 32 days I have been using these daily letters to you to bring to your (and my blog's readers) attention to the words and images made by some of the refugees on Manus Island and Nauru as part of Penny Ryan's 'The Confined Hearts Project'. Meanwhile the torture and inhumanity inflicted on the refugees continues.

Today I want to remind you of the brave man we killed on 24 December 2016. Mr Faisal Ishak Ahmed died in Brisbane after months of being denied health care for his increasingly serious symptoms. On 21 December a complaint form was written by Mr Ahmed's fellow prisoners outlining the mistreatment that Mr Ahmed received from staff of IHMS (the medical services provider on Manus Island).

What is the full content of that complaint? How do you propose to ensure that justice is done for Mr Ahmed? I suggest you start by punishing those responsible for his death. by ensuring it never happens again and by giving compensation to his widow and child.

Close off shore detention and bring them here.